• 27 – Jolenta Greenberg

    Jolenta Greenberg is a New York-based comedian. She’s a Moth StorySLAM winner and a sometime contributor for NY Public Radio and BBC Radio. Currently, she is co-host (along with Kristen Meinzer) of the Panoply podcast, By The Book.  By The Book, is a podcast reality show meets book club – […]

  • 26 – Rachel Greenhaus

    On today’s episode we meet Rachel Greenhaus. Rachel is a lapsed academic, professional cookbook editor, and over-enthusiastic home baker. She likes to think of herself as an independent scholar of Gender and the Poetry of Cake Recipes. From Shakespeare to Julia Child and the Joy of Cooking, this is Rachel’s story. […]

  • 25 – Danny Byrne

    These are the books mentioned on this episode in order of appearance. Berenstain Bears Caroline Jayne Church. I Will Love You Forever Shel Silverstein. The Giving Tree Shel Silverstein. Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Dr. Seuss. One Fish two fish red fish blue fish Gertrude Chandler Warner. Boxcar Children Matt Christopher. […]

  • 24 – Melanie Newport

    On this episode, we talk with Melanie Newport. Melanie Newport is an assistant professor of History at the University of Connecticut at its Hartford campus. Originally hailing from Tulsa, OK and Tacoma, WA, she is currently working on a book called Community of the Condemned: Chicago and the Transformation of the […]

  • 23 – Matt Blackburn

    On this episode of Chapters, we meet Matt Blackburn, a research analyst who lives in Boston. Matt shares his experiences with books that have defined his life as a reader from Goodnight Moon to Walden, Dune, and beyond. We discuss what it’s like to travel to the site of a […]

  • 22 – Erin Bartram

    Join us this week as we talk with historian Erin Bartram. We discuss Nancy Drew, Baby-Sitters Club, and the appeal of books for children in which adults take kids seriously. We also talk about a kind of reading unique to historians: reading an archive of primary sources. Erin has read […]

  • Bonus Episode 3: A Moby Dick Marathon at Mystic Seaport

    Every year, on July 31st, readers gather at Mystic Seaport on the decks of the last remaining wooden whaling ship to read Moby Dick in twenty-four hours. “Herman Melville” opens the Moby Dick Marathon by reciting the first chapter from memory, and rejoins the community of readers on his birthday, […]

  • 21 – Matt from Pop Culture Died in 2009

    On this week’s episode we talk to Matt, founder of the gossip blog and curated archive of celebrity culture, Pop Culture Died in 2009. In our conversation, Matt shares how he became interested in celebrity gossip culture in the early aughts, and how he amassed the archive of celebrity magazines […]

  • 20 – Mark Barone

    Join us on this week’s episode as we talk with Mark Barone about The Lord of the Rings, Stephen King novels, Game of Thrones, and more! We’ll hear stories about stealing a book from a public library, and the best way to protect a book in your backpack. Hint: it […]

  • Moby Dick 30 second challenge

    Can you summarize Moby Dick in 30 seconds? If you love the book or struggled through it reading it in school, record a 30 second voice memo with your explanation of the book and you could be on an upcoming episode of Chapters!

  • 19 – Liz Flemming

    Have you ever dressed up like your favorite author? Our guest, Liz Fleming, discovered The Old Man and the Sea at a young age, and dressed up as Hemingway to show her admiration. Join us on today’s episode as we hear this story, and the stories behind other meaningful reading […]

  • End Note: Time Travel to the Money Maze by Kathy Van Voorhees

    This post marks the next installment in our series on the Chapters blog called End Notes. Periodically, guests on Chapters will contribute reflections on their reading after the completion of their episode. Some guests have revisited books they mentioned in our conversations, while others recalled meaningful reading experiences that only […]

  • 18 – Kathy Van Voorhees

    Whether taking in Forever by Judy Blume as a young reader, sneaking Sybil from her mother’s bookshelf, adopting Kurt Vonnegut’s turns of phrase, or reading Stephen King’s The Stand to gain some clarity during a tough time, books have been a touchstone in the life of our guest, Kathy Van […]

  • 17 – Anna Newman

    What’s it like to read in a new language? On this episode, we talk to Anna Newman, a librarian who shares stories about reading everything from The Secret Garden to Dante’s Divine Comedy. We’ll hear about the year she studied abroad in Florence, and the ways she thinks about reading […]

  • 16 – Allison Horrocks

    Meet Allison. Allison Horrocks grew up on American Girl books, the Dear America series, and Nancy Drew. Combining a love for history and detection, it can come as no surprise she’s chosen to pursue a career in public history. Listen as Allison explains her life in books from Amelia Bedilia […]

  • 15 – Abby Southwell

    What is it about girls and horse books? On this week’s episode, we investigate the appeal of horse books by hearing from self-proclaimed “horse book expert” Abby Southwell. She also imagines an eat, pray, love adventure, shares some controversial Wuthering Heights opinions, and tells us how her reading changed during […]

  • 14 – Graham Stinnett

    Join us as we talk to our guest Graham Stinnett, archivist at the Thomas J. Dodd Center at the University of Connecticut. We talk The Giving Tree, album liner notes, zines, vegan cookbooks, Moby Dick, and more! Here is a list of books appearing on this episode in order of […]

  • 13 – Danielle Dumaine

    On this week’s episode we join Danielle Dumaine to hear stories about My Side of the Mountain, Mrs. Dalloway, Maggie Nelson’s Argonauts, and what it’s like to be named after a famous romance novelist. Here is a list of books appearing on this episode in order of appearance: Jean Craighead George. […]

  • 12 – Betsy Pittman

    Here is a list of books appearing on this episode in order of appearance: Dick and Jane P.D. Eastman. Are You My Mother? Dr. Seuss. Hop on Pop Robert Barry. My Willowby’s Christmas Tree Carolyn Keene. Nancy Drew Franklin W. Dixon. Hardy Boys Gertrude Chandler Warner. The Boxcar Children Laura […]

  • 11 – Rob Sullivan

    Has reading ever helped you in your grief? Join us as we welcome Rob Sullivan to discuss Superman and the ways reading can help us mourn loss in our lives. In an episode that includes books ranging from Charlotte’s Web to comic books to Game of Thrones, listen as Rob shares […]

  • 10 – Nick Hurley

    From the Berenstain Bears to Marc Bloch’s Strange Defeat, join us as our guest Nick Hurley shares the books that have shaped his life. This is the first in a series of interviews we conducted in the Archives and Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center at the […]

  • 9 – Heather Parker

    On today’s episode we hear about Caddie Woodlawn, Anne of Green Gables, Henry James, romance novels and the Chronicles of Narnia with guest Heather Parker! Here is a list of books appearing on this episode in order of appearance: Laura Lee Hope. The Bobbsey Twins.  Jean Webster. Daddy-Long-Legs Carol Ryrie […]

  • 8 – Bryn Mawr Bookstore – Part 2

    This is the second in a series of interviews we conducted at Bryn Mawr Bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our guests, Barbara Powell and Cornelia Robart, share stories on books including Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and the Jungle Book. Here is a list of books referenced in this episode in order of […]

  • Bonus Episode 2 – Holiday Cards

    Happy Holidays from all of us at Chapters! On this special episode, our listeners share stories of memorable holiday cards. Thanks to Tom, Britney and Lindsay for sharing their stories!

  • 7 – Steven Domingues

    On this episode, Steven Domingues, co-host of the Pure BS Podcast joins us to discuss the books that have informed his life. From Goosebumps to the works of Stephen King, join us for a conversation about the books that have helped Steven understand his world and his place within it. […]

  • 6 – Harry Potter and Friendship Tests

    This episode is a continuation of our conversation with Jordan McMillan Rees, our guest on episode 1. Join us as we discuss Harry Potter, fan fiction, and the idea of books as friendship tests! Here is a list of books referenced in this episode in order of appearance: Harry Potter […]

  • 5 – Alexis Boylan (Bryn Mawr Bookstore – Part 1)

    This is the first in a series of interviews we conducted at Bryn Mawr Bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts. On this episode, art historian and Bryn Mawr alumna Alexis Boylan shares the ways books such as Little House on the Prairie, The Diary of Anne Frank, Howard Zinn’s A People’s History […]

  • Bonus Episode 1 – Bibliomancy

    Have you ever used a book to predict the future? Divine a fortune? On this first bonus episode of Chapters, we examine the history of bibliomancy, or the use of books to predict the future. Readers have turned to the bible, novels, poetry, and most recently, tumblr, for answers to […]

  • 4 – Casper Ter Kuile

    On this episode, Casper Ter Kuile, co-host of the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast, shares parts of his life that have been informed by the books he has read. Whether it be the role of No Logo in awakening an early social conscious, or the ways reading A […]

  • 3 – Samantha Fey

    What do Anne of Green Gables, Little House of the Prairie and The Diary of a Psychic have in common? Listen as we learn how these and other books helped to shape the life of intuitive Samantha Fey, the co-host, along with Deb Bowen, of the podcast Psychic Teachers. Here […]

  • 2 – Deb Bowen

    Deb Bowen is the co-host, along with Samantha Fey, of the podcast Psychic Teachers. Do we choose books or do books choose us? Join us as we listen to how books from The Witch of Blackbird Pond to Crossing to Avalon helped to shape Deb’s life as an intuitive and […]

  • 1 – Jordan McMillan Rees

    Join us for our inaugural interview where we tackle the Baby-Sitters Club, Jane Eyre, the Twilight series, and much more! Here is a list of books referenced on this episode in order of appearance: Arnold Lobel. Owl at Home Anna Sewell. Black Beauty Marguerite Henry. Misty of Chincoteague (series) Harper […]