On our latest episode, we talk to Chris Bouton. Chris is a historian turned jury researcher who is working on a book about slave violence in antebellum Virginia. On this episode we talk childhood forays into play writing inspired by books, reading about the Civil War, reading on the beach, an influential reading of Moneyball, being an introvert, and more.

On this episode, we’re going to enter the vault with historian Matt Guariglia and examine FBI files – files created by the FBI to monitor suspicious – and as we’ll hear, even patriotic Americans and other persons of interest. On this episode we’ll hear why Rod Serling of the Twilight Zone was of interest to the FBI, what’s in Debbie Reynolds’ file, learn about an offer Walt Disney made to the FBI, and more.

Today we talk to Katie, who along with co-host Kimberly hosts the A Date with Dateline Podcast, a comedy podcast that recaps episodes of Dateline. For anyone interested in true crime, this episode is for you. Katie shares a personal story of her sister’s brush with serial killer Rex Krebbs, and her own turn to criminal profiling books and true crime as a way to deal with it. On this episode we also discuss: Nancy drew, Kurt Vonnegut, The Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris, Red Dragon, Stephen King, Christopher Pike, R.L. Stein, Madame Bovary, Harry Potter, Gone Girl, and the Girl on the Train.

Our guest this episode is Dominique Taylor. Dominique is the creator of The Storyscape, a platform that creates media around literature. On this episode, we discuss: the Baby-Sitters Club, Sweet Valley High, Goosebumps, American Girl, John Grisham, The Color Purple, Black Beauty, Harry Potter, The Known World, Maya Angelou, The Skin I’m In, The Master Butchers Singing Club, Lincoln in the Bardo, When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir, and Smoketown. We also discuss her great work with the Storyscape and Booktuber culture.

On today’s show, we talk to Jacquline Suskin, a writer and performance poet based in Los Angeles. She is the author of two books, the latest entitled Go Ahead & Like It available from Ten Speed Press. Known for her multidisciplinary work with a project she calls Poem Store, Suskin composes improvisational poetry for patrons who choose both a topic and a price in exchange for a unique verse. On today’s episode we talk about the ways John Steinbeck’s work have inspired her as a writer, the power of poetry in her own life as a reader, and the ways her work has inspired readers for whom she’s written poems.

Join us on our latest episode where we meet guest Marisa Hicking. Marisa is the Teen Librarian at Avon Free Public Library in Avon, Connecticut. On this episode we talk loving horse books, sci-fi, fantasy, linking our memories of books to the places we read them, the path to becoming a librarian, and more.

On this episode, we meet Catherine Hammer, a librarian currently living in Florida where she works for the Broward County Library System. Before changing careers, she worked as a performer and musical director for regional and touring theater companies across the United States. On this episode we talk Christian fiction, the difference between good and bad Christian romances, books parents didn’t want you to read growing up (hint: Sweet Valley High), dancer biographies, reading books set in places you happen to be traveling, and much more.

On today’s episode of Chapters we meet someone for whom the phase “this book saved my life” is literally true. On November 20, 2014, Jason Derfuss, then a senior at Florida State University, had just checked out a few books at Strozier Library when he heard a gunshot behind him. Turning and seeing a gunman shoot another student, he ran for his life. Later, he opened his backpack and saw that the books he’d checked out caught a bullet meant for him. On this episode, Jason shares this story, and the story of his life through the books that have meant the most to him. We talk Harry Potter, The Scarlett Letter, 1984, and more. We also talk about the challenges of reading and writing when those very acts are wrapped up in a traumatic event.