Mary, Creator, Producer and Host

Mary’s earliest memories of reading involve a sincere desire to live inside an American Girl book (Molly, obviously). When that proved impossible, she continued to time travel through books; hanging with the Babysitter’s Club, befriending Elizabeth Bennett, and attempting to see the world through the eyes of Mary Oliver. After completing a degree in History and English, Mary is now pursuing a Ph.D. in History with a focus on the history of bibliotherapy, or the use of books as medicine.

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                  Taylor, Technical Director

Taylor learned to read at the age of 4, and started recording her own radio shows on cassette tapes at the age of ten. She has degrees in Sound Design and Production, Electronics Engineering, Religious Studies, Women’s Studies, and Sociology. Add to this the fact that she owns lots of fancy audio equipment, and it becomes painfully obvious that Taylor is the perfect technical director for a podcast about the effects of books on people’s lives.

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